Kimberle Crenshaw, Daughters’ Rights, & Hedonism During the Pandemic

Sex abuse allegations against the Boy Scouts surpass 82,000. Sex educator Erica Smith offers escape from purity culture. My latest piece looks at whether it’s ok to keep saucy pics and videos from a past relationship. More anti-choice women elected to congress than ever before. Aristocratic feminism, daughters rights and discrimination among the most privileged. Kimberlè Crenshaw revolutionized feminism and landed at the center of the culture wars.

Judge dismisses claim that school gender identity protections somehow harm Christian students. Why is the gender pay gap in the arts so large? Gender differences in perception of risk and compliance with harm reduction in the era of COVID. Norway bans hate speech against LGBT people. Hedonism resorts adjust to a pandemic.

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Dirty talk phrases that therapists suggest using in bed. The quiet history of lesbian pulp fiction.  Mississippi tees up an absurd abortion case for SCOTUS just for Amy Coney Barret. Things people get wrong about sex workers.

Celebrate #TransAwarenessWeek with these movies and documentaries. First housing complex made by and for trans people opens in Queens. What’s the difference between gender, gender expression, gender identity, and sexual orientation? Dissecting Black love, white tears and sexual panic.

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