Food Gender, Free Period Products, & Victoria Bans Conversion Therapy

NY to soon offer X gender designation for nonbinary people. Does food have a gender? Why sexual abuse survivors are getting sucked into QAnon. The trafficking in the palm oil industry is a nightmare, but why aren’t people as concerned about it as they are about “sex trafficking?” A list of names you should know on the #TransDayofRemembrance ( which was Nov 20).

My latest article is on how toxic ideas of masculinity are dangerous- mentally and physically- for men as well as women and non-binary folks. Australian couple turned down as foster parents because they would try to change an LGBTQ kid. Texas finally allows teaching about birth control in school sex education but still doesn’t talk about LGBTQ people or consent. Study finds people over 45 at higher risk of STIs.

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Oregon man sues doctor who was treating his depression while sleeping with his wife. Scotland is the first country to have universal free period products. Mikaela, Steven Spielberg’s daughter, is enjoying her work in adult entertainment. Pandemic aside, queer Black travel is dangerous.

NJ school board member wasn’t fired for being openly homophobic, but she was for taking a bathroom break while on a zoom call. 20 lesbians movies on Hulu right now. Obama’s great aunt opened his eyes to LGBTQ issues. Meghan Markle shares her grief publicly over miscarriage. Your sexuality can make you an enemy of the state in Poland. Victoria to ban traumatic and unscientific “conversion” therapy. The underdiscussed issue of sexual activity at aged care facilities.

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