Bisexual Blood Donations, History of the Codpiece, & “Fuck” is a Feminist Word

Argentina to become largest Latin American country to legalize abortion. Visa & Mastercard cut ties with Pornhub, which is not great for porn performers, just as the site removes unverified content. UK eases blood donation regulations on gay and bisexual men as blood donors. Many teens don’t have sex, but shame around delayed sexual debut continues to haunt many. Sex doll sales rise during the pandemic/holiday season. Natalie Portman says young actors need more agency in sexualized roles.

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My latest column looks at potential causes of and solutions to difficulties with erections. Netflix’s Prom critiqued for straight actor James Corden’s stereotypical gay performance. What if we prioritize friendships over marriage? A brief history of the codpiece. An EMT joins OnlyFans to make ends meet, New York Post shames her.

“Fuck” is a feminist word. Nicolle Wallace calls out GOP hypocrisy for pearl-clutching about being called “fuckers” when their own leader has said and done much worse. Bodies aren’t binary, sports aren’t either. Sign this petition against Instagram’s escalating war on sexy content creators who helped them build their site. Best queer TV couples of 2020. An oral history of fashion’s response to AIDS. Jeopardy contestant makes history as first out trans winner.

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