Joys of Frivolous Sex, Best Reads on Gender & Policy, & “The Right To Offend”

Why do female assassin characters matter so much to queer kids? How toxic sex education leads to erotophobia. 10 times trans and GNC people kicked ass in 2020. The best reads on gender, politics and policy in 2020. SCOTUS had a chance to overturn marriage equality and passed. Study finds bisexual men are more prone to eating disorders than straight or gay men.

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Ma Rainey is known as musical pioneer, but she was also a sexual trailblazer. Your sexual health as a cancer survivor. The joys of frivolous sex and the nasty puritanism brought out by a pandemic. “We decided to tell our kids when we’ve having sex- here’s what happened.” Your sex horoscope for 2021 is here. Sex & disability: it’s a human right to have a one-night stand. “2020 is a year of non-monogamy, zoom sex and the agonizing wait to kiss your partner.” The Kinsey Institute’s collection of vintage objects and vernacular pornography.

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“This year I took the leap of faith and married a person I had only met three times.” English judges decide citizens have the “right to offend” and “abuse another” after transphobia case. How LGBTQ “chosen families” were hit by COVID. Atlanta Eagle, a gay bar, designated the first protected LGBT landmark in the deep south. The pandemic has been extra hard on single mothers. LGBTQ films to stream on Netflix. Oh no, will post-lockdown life be the opposite of horny? Overuse of antibiotics leading to super gonorrhea. Argentina becomes largest Latin American country to legalize abortion.

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