Sec 230 Safe For Now, Closeted Partner, & Escaping Incel Forums

FCC will not go ahead with Trump’s requested changes to Section 230. My latest column is on barriers to accessing permanent birth control. Ohio governor signs law mandating cremation or burial for fetal remains after abortion. How to get a thicker skin and deal with criticism. Facebook won’t remove this woman’s butthole as a business page. How to get out of the world of self-loathing and misogyny known as  incel forums.

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8 ways to be a better partner in the new year. Is casual sex emotionally healthy? FDA considers lifting blood donation ban on gay and bi men. Witty responses to “are you single?” “My husband came out as trans while I was on maternity leave.” The best vibrators of 2021. How indigenous women are taking back the birthing process. “I’m not the only one who masturbates with her legs?” how to deal with a closeted partner.

No one will be surprised to learn that research finds hegemonic masculinity beliefs are connected to support for Trump. Should straight actors play queer characters? Why to reconsider having vaginal or anal sex with flavored condoms and other tips from a Mumbai-based sex ed duo. Gay man and his adopted son– who is also gay- share an honest discussion that goes viral. Court bans “virginity tests” in Pakistani sexual assault cases. “I survived ‘conversion therapy’– here’s why the torture must be banned.” A cross-sectional Italian study on the impact of the pandemic on sexual desire.

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