CA to Ban Intersex Surgery, Divorce During Pandemic, & The Balldo

When your partner is getting married to someone who isn’t you. California bill would ban intersex surgery on young kids. My latest for PW: should I subscribe to my friend’s OnlyFans? What’s upsetting about the Armie Hammer cannibalism fetish texts isn’t the fetish, it’s the lack of consent. Before he stormed the Capitol in an insurrection, Derrick Evans harassed women outside an abortion clinic. What’s it like to get divorced during the pandemic? The Sims, sexuality, and the promiscuity of the female woohoo.

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Paul Bettany on how his father’s struggles with sexuality impacted how he approaches being a dad. Sex after COVID: an investigation. Fact check: yes, Congress members can use gendered language. How to build effective partnerships and help men cultivate a positive culture of masculinity. A rising ballet star taking leaps across gender norms.

Goop Grifter Gwyneth Paltrow’s vagina-scented candle burns down house. Dr Rachel Levine is the first trans doctor named to be Assistant Health Secretary of the US. The historical origins of sexism and patriarchy. COVID-19 has reversed progress on gender diversity, what can we do? MAC is releasing their first gender fluid makeup line. Rashida Jones and her battle against sex workers enters a new phase. Ever wanted to turn your testicles into another penis? Balldo has a plan for that.

Hat tip to Erica, Melanie!

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