Red Light District Moves, Ethical P0rn Consumption, & Eco-Friendly Sex Toys

I’m quoted in this piece in My Sex Project. My latest pieces for PW: how giving birth impacts sexuality and body image and how to be an ethical consumer of adult content. How moms are being crushed and overextended by the pandemic. Amsterdam will move its Red Light District out of city center. Ways to still spend a romantic Valentine’s Day when you and your lover can’t be together. New action to give fertility coverage access to same-sex couples. Good sex after chronic illness diagnosis.

Catch my talk on ethical consumption of adult content at Get You a Babe Who Can Do Both on Saturday Feb 13th. Photo by Flirt Vonnegut

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Anti-choice arguments and white supremacy have always been intertwined. Royal Navy Lieutenant busted shooting porn on a submarine base. What it’s like for men with eating disorders.  Research finds gender and racial disparities in sentencing in federal sex offenses. What we can learn about sexuality and relationships from the asexual community. What nature can teach us about sexuality.

Results of the GQ love and sexuality survey. How to buy sustainable sex toys. Why are liberals having less sex during the pandemic while conservatives are having more? Singles in the UK desperate for human contact despite restrictions that limit their interactions and privilege nuclear families. Women hold 2/3rds of doctorates but only 1/3 of academic jobs. Reversing course from the last administration, HUD to probe for gender identity and sexual orientation bias in housing. Angola decriminalizes same-sex relationships.

Hat tip to Kirsten & Darryl!

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