Rethinking “Auteur Theory,” Bye, Rush, & Vampire Bat Bisexual Visibility

Google has been allowing employers to keep nonbinary applicants from applying for jobs. The Chinese plan to increase boys’ “masculinity” through PE classes. Shelley Duvall, Joss Whedon and it’s well past the time we rethink the “auteur theory” and the way actresses are treated. Harvard Business School says it’s not kids who hold women  back, it’s their partners. “I don’t want friends who put others’ lives at risk,” and the fracturing of friendships over lockdown.

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Rush Limbaugh did his best to ruin America. Is it gross if you don’t shower after sex? Vanessa Springora’s Consent is a memoir of childhood sexual abuse that literally changed France’s consent laws. Major technological breakthroughs in HIV prevention and treatment may provide greater hope to Africa. Actress who sued over being fired from The Color Purple for homophobic comments loses her court case. 17 married people on how they found out their partner was cheating.

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5 action items to stop anti-trans bills. According to transphobes, nothing says protecting young girls like subjecting them to genital examinations to compete in sports. A heart-warming story of vampire bat bisexual visibility and pup adoption. Violence is the calling card of the anti-choice movement. The #SilhouetteChallenge, online privacy and creepy men.

Hat tip to Ren, Heather, James, Darryl!

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