Penis on Mars, Crowdfunded Menstrual Hub, & Khaki Fever

NASA Rover accidentally draws a penis on Mars. South Carolina signs near total abortion ban into law. Mother-daughter duo in Philly fight menstrual stigma and create nation’s first crowdfunded menstrual hub. How phallocentric ideas have made for bad science. Father-to-be killed by explosive gender reveal device. My latest piece for Philly Weekly is what “counts” as cheating. The number of LGBTQ identified people in the US keeps rising, fueled by young people.

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What did we get stuck in our rectums in 2020? Photography of lesbian life in the 70s. SC Man wins custody of daughter that was adopted without his permission. As the pandemic raged, abortion access became even harder. Pandemic hitting Japanese women’s mental health, leading to increase in suicide. A database of abortion onscreen. Child star Mara Wilson on Hollywood building up girls just to tear them down. Why did we ever think Britney Spears was in control of her brand? Tracy Clark Flory’s memoir and our culture’s ignorance about fantasy.

Introduced West Virginia bill would ban sexuality education in public schools. A lawsuit to discriminate against trans athletes was supported by the previous Presidential administration, but no longer. Was “Khaki Fever” a moral panic about women’s sexuality? A glossary of terms about sexuality and gender. Rejecting compulsory coupling, monogamy and heterosexuality. Parents with daughters are more likely to divorce. Gender bias in economics is quantifiable. Finding the right therapist is rough, now imagine you’re a sex worker.

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