LGBTQ Video Games, Free Period Products, & Trafficking Fears Didn’t Start with QAnon

Examining the science behind decriminalizing sex work. Why don’t men want to talk about using masturbators.  Please wash your hands before getting it on. COVID has transformed sex work but not the laws governing it. Culturally competent interventions can boost safe sex, reduce drinking among young Black women. Father beheads daughter for having love affair of which he does not approve. How many people have had rough sex?

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38% of surveyed Americans would give up sex to be able to travel right now. House passes bill making it illegal for federal officers to have sex with people in custody. The rise of unapologetically erotic LGBTQ+ video games. What is endometriosis? Bisexual women who are dating men are the least likely to be out. How to talk to your kids about contraceptives. Biden administration to revisit Trump era policies about campus sexual assault.

Texas GOP lawmaker proposes making abortion punishable by death penalty. Your dentist can tell if you just gave a blowjob? NZ rolls out free period products at schools. How tech will change sex and romance- for better and worse. Next generation of HIV drugs are looking promising. Study finds young men prefer video games over casual sex. Unfounded fears of trafficking didn’t start with QAnon. Tips and tricks for getting it on when you’re camping.  The gender pay gap in Europe: is it here to stay? Can a disease only target one sex, like in Y: the Last Man? Crappy Idaho bill that would require parents opt-in students to sexuality education passes House, moves to state Senate.

Hat tip to Ryan, Nikki, Darryl, Griff!

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