Rage in London, Penis Bumpers, & Sperm on the Moon

Scholars outraged at Harvard professor who claims wartime Korean sex slaves were volunteers. Ask the infectious disease expert: can we have sex when we’re vaccinated (and when we’re not)? Sex life has fallen off and can’t deal with the constant rejection. What did the Venus of Willendorf originally represent? The Big Vagina Energy and return of the Sheela na gig. Marvel’s Vision was originally supposed to have a penis. Penis bumpers help when a partner’s member or a toy is too long for your comfort. OnlyFans continues to only support its most privileged and wealthy creators by requiring they prove they own the land they shoot on, if they shoot outdoors. Women are imprisoned for miscarrying in El Salvador due to regressive abortion laws

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Man sues NJ company for sending him chocolate dick, fake poop and exploding glitter. Everyday “hacks” to counter gender inequality. Child marriage rates are rising due to pandemic’s economic impact. More bills move to ban trans women and girls from competing in sports. Internet is divided over the redesign of Lola Bunny for Space Jam 2. My latest pieces for Philly Weekly: the LGBTQ-inclusive and sex positive organizations doing the work in Philly; should this guy be upset that his ex used their sexts in her OnlyFans content?

Most popular sex toy searches by state. Regressive state abortion bills abound- their future is uncertain. Scientists want to send sperm and egg samples to the moon as human insurance policy. Study looks at the connection between American evangelism and male insecurity about penis size. South Dakota law allows discrimination against LGBTQ people on the basis of religious belief. World’s largest child sex ring AKA The Vatican bars blessing a same-sex union. The Marilyn Manson reckoning. Rage over Sarah Everard’s murder and the police’s response towards women. .

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