Teaching About Periods, VAWA Renewed, & Pollution’s Impact on Penis Size

My latest for PW: opening up your relationship as the world opens back up. Everything we’ve been teaching to kids about periods is wrong. Overcoming whorephobia and the myth of sex addiction. Landmark ruling opens the door to a future with same-sex marriage in Japan.

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Under fire, NCAA apologizes for huge discrepancy in men’s and women’s workout facilities. The Violence Against Women Act and how the carceral system is failing women. The VAWA was renewed, but 172 Republicans voted no. Pollution is affecting fertility and potentially penis size. Can telemedicine save abortion rights? What to look for when buying accessible sex toys.

Dr Rachel Levine makes history as first transgender federal official confirmed by Senate. How churches talk about sexuality can mean life or death. Best innuendos in pop music. Why there’s a partisan divide on sexual harassment. The US has a long history of physical and sexual violence towards Asian women. Is the Kinsey Scale of behavior still valid?

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