Utah Tries to Ban P0rn, Divorce in China, & Polyamory is More Mainstream

Utah crafts meaningless law trying to prevent porn access. Saying “never again” to the violence in Atlanta means no more policing. New Zealand approves bereavement leave after miscarriage or stillbirth. Minnesota Supreme Court horrifyingly rules that it’s not rape if the survivor drank beforehand. Frustration with China’s new law makes divorce more difficult. USC agrees to pay record $1.1 billion to patients over gynecologist’s sexual abuse. Dissent in the Washington Post newsroom as journalists who are open about having survived abuse are kept from covering stories about abuse.

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Polyamory and non-monogamy continue to become more mainstream. A byproduct of pipeline construction is sexual harassment and violence against indigenous women. Texas approves fetal heart beat bill, effectively banning abortion. What it’s like to be a Black leader in the abortion rights movement. How the AIDS crisis prepared us for COVID. The National Guard welcomes and promotes women– until they report a sexual assault. Federal judge to rule on “gay sex” landing someone on the sex offender registry. Young adults are having less casual sex.

Hat tip to Griff, Hiraeth!  

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