HIV Vaccine, WikiFeet, & Divorce Parties

Philly Gay News investigates 2008 murder of trans activist Nizah Morris by police. An interview with the man who keeps uploading a random woman’s pics to WikiFeet. Two killed after plane crashes during gender reveal. My latest for Philly Weekly: should you have a divorce party?

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New research is showing a promising HIV vaccine. Discord cracks down on furry content.  Some doctors still require a husband to give consent to his wife’s hysterectomy, a new law would ban that practice. Florida bans trans athletes, will require genital exams of disputed child athletes.

MasterCard’s new rules are going to put a financial squeeze on independent adult content creators. What it’s like to have sexsomnia. How COVID and US sanctions against Iran are destroying the lives of middle class women there. The only ones arrested after a Venezuelan 13 year old girl’s rape are the women who helped her access abortion.

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