RIP Tempest Storm, MRKH Syndrome, & Gender Reveal Explosions

My latest for PW is about talking to your kids about genitals and masturbation. How rates of blood clots from the J&J vaccine compare to those from birth control. Ohio upholds law that would ban abortion if the fetus has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome. NYT’s Nick Kristof often plays fast and loose with facts and sex workers are the ones hurt.

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The National Parks Service has an amazingly in-depth examination of LGBTQ history on its site. New York to stop prosecuting sex work; but how will that actually impact SWers? Rest in power, legendary burlesque star Tempest Storm. What to know about MRKH syndrome, which can leave someone without a functional vagina. The PA House Health Committee loves to waste time on anti-choice hearings, but doesn’t love to do anything to promote contraception or prenatal care.

Gender reveal explosion rocks New Hampshire, fracturing house foundations. Are sex dolls the new social media influencers? Medical experts say that COVID vaccines do not affect pregnancies or fertility. STI rates continue to spike in Philadelphia. Where is the best place to break up with someone? Arizona governor vetoes bill that would limit LGBT education.

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