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Dr Timaree Schmit has been a sex educator for more of her life than not and is on this planet to bring rational, sex-positive, empirically-based knowledge about sexuality to audiences everywhere. She works as a guest lecturer, writer, consultant and community organizer.

Sex with Timaree podcasts cover a range of topics and feature amazing, entertaining guests whose lives and professions touch on sexuality. It was named one of the top sex podcasts by Daily Dot, Buzzfeed and iTunes. She has a regular column on sexuality and LGBT issues in Philadelphia Weekly and she has been a regular contributor to Philly Now and Philly.com.

You can find some of her writing and mentions in other media here and also hire her to speak to your school or organization!

photo by Roger Gordy,
taken at Get You a Babe Who Can Do Both at Harvard

As a youngster she read voraciously about sexuality and became the go-to sage for friends who had sex questions.  This hobby eventually translated into becoming a certified HIV Prevention Counselor, PersUNL Peer Sex Educator and Adjunct Professor in Human Sexuality. Her foray into the world of sex writing started in 2003 as a weekly columnist for the Daily Nebraskan and has continued as sex writer for the Barbershop NotebooksPhilly Gay Calendar and East Coast Adult News, among others.

As the founding Chair of HSEDSO, the Human Sexuality Education Student Organization, and founding Laureate Counselor of Gamma Eta Rho, the first national honor society for students of Human Sexuality, Timaree has worked diligently to promote factual, comprehensive sexuality education and to enable other emerging professionals in the field of sexuality to bring useful, helpful and supportive information to the curious world at large.

Dr. Timaree’s particular interests in the inordinately broad field of sexuality include: depictions of sexuality topics in popular culture, body image and sexual orientation, as well as the interaction of sexuality and exercise, an interest that has led to becoming an AFAA (American Aerobics and Fitness Association) certified instructor in: Pilates, Dance, JungshinZumba, Flirty Girl Fitness, Piloxing, Spinning, kickboxing, cardio/sculpting and more. You can join her daily livestream workouts- and get recordings afterwards- at SweatWithTimaree.


Academic Publications:

(2014) “Facebook” and “Twitter” in Sex Ed in the Digital Age. Morristown, NJ: Center for Family Life Education, Taverner, B. & Milstein, S., Eds.

(2013) “Hookup Culture Can Help Build Stronger Relationships” in Taking Sides: Family and Personal Relationships. New York, NY: McGraw Hill. David M Hall, Ed.

(2010) Dissertation: How Body Morphology Changes Affect Preference for Attractiveness and Thinness in a Partner Among Women Attracted to Women.

(2007) “A Review of the American Medical Association’s Girl’s Guide to Becoming a Teen and Boy’s Guide to Becoming a Teen” American Journal of Sexuality Education, Volume 3, Number 1. Elizabeth Schroeder and Bill Taverner, eds.

(2007) “Morality and Ethics” in Encyclopedia of Sex, Love and Culture: Volume 6, 20th & 21st Centuries, with Assistant Professor Donald Dyson. James Spears, ed.

(2007) STEPS: 8th grade comprehensive sexuality curriculum for Southeastern Pennsylvania Planned Parenthood.

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