Interview with Juicy Justine
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Interview with Juicy Justine

The delightful Justine and I completed this interview approximately a thousand million years ago, but somehow didn’t make it on this site. The new year is an excellent time for correcting things of this nature. Kids, you’re gonna enjoy this one. Sex educator Juicy Justine dishes on everything from sex toys to teaching sex ed … Continue reading

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Interview with Porn and Sex Toy Reviewer, Kaley Fail

Want to hear about one of the best jobs in the universe? Kaley Fail of and talks with us about her work as a sex toy reviewer and porn reviewer. We discuss the trends in both industries, the weirdest parts of her jobs and the greater social issues involved.  And Sasha Grey’s bush … Continue reading

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Losing It: an intro to sex for virgins

While teen sex comedies have decided that 17 is the appropriate age for gaining membership in the Fucking Club, that’s not always how it goes down for everyone. There are those who race in to sex early, like shoppers at a small-town grocery store grand opening. And there are those who hang out in the … Continue reading