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You NEED this podcast in your life. How do you make it happen?

What’s on the Sex with Timaree podcasts? Interviews with cool people whose jobs and lives have resulted in particularly interesting stories pertaining to sexuality. For example:

  • Qui Alexander, community educator at the Mazzoni Center, Trans activist and speaker at the Philly Slutwalk
  • Delaware Valley Synergy, a social group for polyamorists, swingers and other open relationships.
  • Brian Bangs, porn producer for
  • Nathan Phillips, An improvisational comedian whose live show includes him trying to have sex with an audience member
  • Jessie Nicole, director of the LA chapter of the Sex Workers Outreach Project
  • Kari Reed, an artist who taught jewelry-making and business skills to sex workers in the Dominican Republic
  • Ginger Leigh, performer with the Peek a Boo Revue burlesque show
  • Yoshiaki Yamasaki, executive director of the Philadelphia AIDS Consortium
  • David Schwartz, a sex therapist who specializes in sex offenders

17 thoughts on “Listen to SWT Podcast

  1. Dearest Dr. Timaree 🙂 I can’t tell you how much I totally enjoyed our podcast session together and how happy I am to have shared somethings of my love of being an exhibitionist (an unrelenting hunger). You put me @ ease from the start and helped me see things from numerous viewpoints which I had never before considered. Now, I’m off to peruse the kinky world of “Fetlife” in hopes of finding people who perhaps be of like minds and allow even welcome my naughty little mind. Thank you for our time together it was a complete pleasure!

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  4. What was the video you were refreferring to as the best 6 minutes on YouTube, when you were talking about sex as being a Jam session. I could quite make out the name of who’s video it is.

    Absolutely love the show, I listen to several sex positive podcasts and this is definitely one of my favorites


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