Inexplicably Turned-On Girl
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Inexplicably Turned-On Girl

Hey kittens, it’s Throwback Thursday, which means checking out a classic column. This one originally ran in July of 2010. Question to the Sexpert: “I have been seeing this girl who is in a relationship.  I understand the moral issues/baggage that comes along with that, but my question lies in our physical relationship.  When I … Continue reading

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The Smell of Love

Welcome! Check back Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for fresh content! Question to the Sexpert: “So Timaree, what about pheromones? Real, fake, myth, or just a figment of a horny person’s imagination? I get the science behind aromachology because that it based on familiar aromas but the whole pheromones thing is different, right? And since pheromones … Continue reading


Friday Sex Links!

8 year old Nebraska transgirl living publicly, but not allowed in Catholic school 66 year old divorcee pregnant via IVF Fathers getting involved in sexually active teenager’s lives correlates with more responsibility I know you were waiting for this: the Octomom porno; speaking of porn, this porn star’s bid to set a world oral sex … Continue reading