Ring Theory, Legally Genderless, & Bestiality is Finally Illegal in Ohio
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Ring Theory, Legally Genderless, & Bestiality is Finally Illegal in Ohio

The science behind our romantic choices. Ring Theory and how to comfort someone. First person in Oregon who is legally without gender. Why are secretive hookups so exciting? What are people actually using Tinder to do? 5 unhealthy relationship patterns. 10 small changes to improve your sex life. Bestiality is finally illegal in Ohio. What … Continue reading

Friday Sex Links!

Friday Sex Links!

 Public masturbation is legal in Sweden, as long as you’re not targeting a specific person. Stages of breakup grief. The social and legal arguments for legal female toplessness. Comparing male and female Halloween costumes. Laverne Cox and Janet Mock talk about the stigma of dating transwomen. Chelsea Manning has the dubious distinction of being the … Continue reading

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Timaree’s Friday Sex Links

Welcome! Check back Monday through Friday for fresh content! Image Via Cop gets away with animal cruelty because bestiality not considered “torment.” Obama gives a shout out to same-sex parents. Hey idiot, dumbbells aren’t gonna make THAT muscle bigger. Also: don’t masturbate while driving. Evidently you can get pregnant while you’re already pregnant. MTV still … Continue reading

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Why can’t I marry my chaise lounge?

This classic column originally appeared at the barbershop notebooks where Sex with Timaree runs every Monday. Question to the Sexpert:  “I keep hearing that if gay marriage is allowed then we’ll have to allow polygamous marriages and even people marrying animals. I’ve been thinking about it and even though I think gays and lesbians ought … Continue reading