Tearoom Trade, Single Stall Bathrooms, & Daddy Fetishes

Tearoom Trade, Single Stall Bathrooms, & Daddy Fetishes

Kansas Supreme Court issues sweeping decision protecting abortion rights. BDSM isn’t torture, but the new show Bonding sure is. Valedictorian of Utah’s most homophobic university comes out in graduation speech. Watch privilege work: lobbyist crusades to change Title IX after his son is expelled for sexual assault. Trump makes blatant lie about NICU’s and infanticide, … Continue reading

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The Smell of Love

Welcome! Check back Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for fresh content! Question to the Sexpert: “So Timaree, what about pheromones? Real, fake, myth, or just a figment of a horny person’s imagination? I get the science behind aromachology because that it based on familiar aromas but the whole pheromones thing is different, right? And since pheromones … Continue reading