Strip Club Etiquette for Women
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Strip Club Etiquette for Women

· DRESS APPROPRIATELY- Don’t go in there trying to out-skank the dancers by wearing something overly revealing and/or glittery. This, like the following rule, is because every drop of attention you take from the women at work is going to come back to haunt you. If the creepier menfolk there don’t make you regret the decision, the dancers surely will. Continue reading

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Quick and dirty: 3 Questions for the Price of One!

This week I have a few questions that are interesting enough, but not the sort of thing that warrants a full-length response. So, enjoy Sex with Timaree, the fast food version. Yum!   Questions to the Sexpert: “My girlfriend has this incredibly annoying habit of wanting to pop my zits. It’s practically an obsession. When … Continue reading