Why You Need to Care About Privacy on the Internet: A Conversation with Alison Macrina

Why You Need to Care About Privacy on the Internet: A Conversation with Alison Macrina

Regardless of who you are or what you do online, you should listen to this riveting and informative conversation with the incredible Alison Macrina, founder and executive director of Library Freedom Project and core contributor to the Tor Project. In this super info-packed episode, we address the facts about your data and how it’s handled … Continue reading

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Kids N’ Porn

Question to the Sexpert: “Interested in your take on this article: Teenage kicks: Is internet porn creating a damaged generation? With just a few clicks of a mouse, modern teenagers have easy access to hardcore and often violent pornography. But are we raising a damaged generation as a consequence?” For an article on teenagers and … Continue reading

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Shit Talking, Gold Digging and Douchebaggery

Welcome! Check back Monday-Friday for fresh content! Question to Sexpert Timaree: “What do you think about these websites http://www.justdontwifeher.com or http://www.sugardaddyforme.com?” Short answer: On the internet, everyone is free to let their douche flag fly. You can whine about inane conflicts you’re too chicken shit to handle in real life, you can steal someone’s credit … Continue reading

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Virtually an affair?

This classic column originally appeared at the barbershop notebooks where Sex with Timaree runs every Monday. Question to the Sexpert: “I feel like a I’m being crazy about this and my boyfriend says I’m blowing this way out of proportion but it’s bothering me so much, I needed to see what your opinion is. My … Continue reading