Sexist Dress Codes, Together but Lonely, & Blowjob Mistakes
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Sexist Dress Codes, Together but Lonely, & Blowjob Mistakes

Why are school dress codes sexist? Making use of jealousy. Same sex couples now officially recognized under tax law. Meeting on sex ed in Omaha Public Schools draws huge crowd. Which lesbian movies won’t punch you in the soul? Breaking the silence on femme invisbility. Why we lionize single dads and demonize single moms. Small … Continue reading

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Girlfriend’s TOO Hot?

Worried you’re not hot enough? Fine. Stop being a whiny baby and do something about it. Quit your excuses and hit the goddamn gym. Take pride in your appearance, get advice from a trusted stylish friend on what you can do to spiff up a bit, and not only will you look better, but you’ll feel it. If there was ever a motivator, she might as well be it. Good luck! Continue reading