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Too good for my own good

This classic column originally appeared at the Barbershopnotebooks, where Sex with Timaree runs every Monday. Check back here every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for updates! Question to the Sexpert: “I’m dating a beautiful new girl and our sex is great. It seems like I can’t fail, she always comes super easily. This is totally not … Continue reading

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A solid 7 every time

Hey folks! I’m in Africa on holiday, not doing anything remotely volunteer-related or otherwise helpful to other, less fortunate people, and won’t be able to update this until my return in August. In the meantime, please look around and check out the classics already posted! Thanks for your patience. Question to the Sexpert: “During a … Continue reading

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Oh! Oh! oh…. damn.

This column originally appeared at the barbershop notebooks where new pieces are available every Monday.   Question to the Sexpert: What do you attribute as some of the leading reasons why many women have never had an orgasms despite being sexually active? What suggestions do you have for these women?   Anorgasmia, being unable to … Continue reading