Pinkwashing Police, Orgasm Selfies, & Genderfluid Underwear
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Pinkwashing Police, Orgasm Selfies, & Genderfluid Underwear

Pinkwashing police: for Breast Cancer Awareness local department uses pink cars, handcuffs. Why a group of clergy are blessing an abortion clinic. How to have sex on your deathbed. New way to take orgasm selfies. Sex as national security threat during WWII. Make your sexual experiences about oxytocin for a deeper connection. New line of … Continue reading

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Sex So Good it Brings a Tear to Your Eye

Welcome! Check back Monday, Wednesday and Friday for fresh content! Question to Sexpert Timaree: “I’ve had something weird happen a couple times recently. After my fiance and I have had sex, I started crying uncontrollably. It makes no sense! It was great sex! There was no pain. And I’ve never been raped or abused. It … Continue reading