Whitewashing of Reproductive Rights, Dolls with Vitiligo, & Firefighter Fired for Racy IG pic

Whitewashing of Reproductive Rights, Dolls with Vitiligo, & Firefighter Fired for Racy IG pic

The new majority behind sex work decriminalization. In South Dakota, doctors could face charges for treating trans teens. One of Trump’s many rape accusers seeks his DNA to compare against sample on her coat. The whitewashing of reproductive rights history. Army officer denied justice for sexual assault by SCOTUS. Like Russia, Trump administration is rolling … Continue reading

Friday Sex Links!
Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

In defense of foreskin. 2012: Best and worst moments in sex. Sleaziest ads. Top sex questions. Losses to the field of sexology. Desire differences with your partner? Find a frequency that works for both of you. Turkish abortion debate renewed after woman beheads her rapist. The Catholic church’s angry, anti-gay, anti-abortion Christmas letter. Is empathy … Continue reading

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What Tiger Woods Can Teach Us About Marriage

Perusing an article about how Tiger Woods’ little Whoopsie Daisy moment(s) and how his affairs are distancing him even further and further from Black people, I couldn’t help but be struck by the weirdness. The man, after all, is mostly Asian.  But when it comes to a minority group, one that must make identity a … Continue reading


Friday Sex Links!

Welcome! Check back Monday, Wednesday and Friday for fresh content! How to get your wife to bang you more often Queen Latifah talks about surviving sexual abuse Discussion on whether a one-time encounter with the same-sex makes you “gay” and the double standard of female heteroflexibility and rigid male orientation Celeb news: Usher files for … Continue reading

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Stopping the H8

Question to the Sexpert: “I’ve been a reader of your columns for years and have seen more than a few small skirmishes on the Barbershop Notebooks about homosexuality. As a white reader, I was surprised to find that so many African Americans are opposed to gay rights, especially gay marriage. Since the passage of Proposition … Continue reading