Dating Naked, Bushy Bush, Penis Beauty Standards
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Dating Naked, Bushy Bush, Penis Beauty Standards

Does semen have the ability to control women’s genes? Former Eagles quarterback in hot water after using logo on females-only party invite. This season on Dating Naked: more feelings. “How I learned to love condoms.” American Apparel displays big bushy bush on mannequin. Survey results: here are your penis beauty standards.  Newscaster unleashes sex toy … Continue reading

Semenette: a Sex Toy So Powerful It Might Knock You Up.
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Semenette: a Sex Toy So Powerful It Might Knock You Up.

Hey kittens! It’s Throwback Thursday, so I’m reposting a piece from February of 2013! For couples making use of artificial insemination, the process can be stressful, expensive and, at many points, awkward. For some lucky folks, the creation of a child begins with an intimate, meaningful but convenient sexual act. Stephanie Berman wants more of … Continue reading


Friday Sex Links!

 For starters: A list of hottest historical women. Rock star sex stories. The one about Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee takes the cake for me. Better late than never: the Vatican backtracks on ex-communications of mother and abortion-providing doctors after incestual child rape results in pregnancy…. Only after they got a lot of heat about … Continue reading

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When Her Cake’s Not All that Tasty

This classic column originally appeared at the barbershop notebooks where Sex with Timaree runs every Monday Question to the Sexpert: “I’m a bisexual woman and I’ve been with my girlfriend for three months. I love her and everything, problem is I don’t love going down on her. She thinks it’s emotional distance, but I really … Continue reading