What Gets Shanna Katz Excited?
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What Gets Shanna Katz Excited?

It’s #TBT and time for a vintage episode. This one first went up in May of 2014.   In some ways, Shanna Katz is the Stephen King of sex education. This board certified sexologist and professional pervert has been cranking out new books like nobody’s business over the last few years, including Lesbian Sex Positions: 100 … Continue reading

Casual Sex, 18th Century Sex Positions, & Lesbian Health
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Casual Sex, 18th Century Sex Positions, & Lesbian Health

Today is the Trans Day of VisibilityTrans Day of Visibility! Is casual sex healthy? 15% of U of Austin female undergrads report being raped. Ancient Egyptians were kinky. What happens when you stop having sex. GOP politician doesn’t consider women’s feelings relevant, thinks pregnancy from rape is “beauty from ashes.” Ways your job can affect … Continue reading


Friday Sex Links

Welcome! Check back Monday, Wednesday and Friday for fresh content! Latest in LGBT news: Some therapists treat gay and lesbian clients by suggesting they turn to celibacy– is this a middle ground or insidious? Online high school for LGBT students who feel unsafe; Yay! Gay Day at Six Flags! Hey condom haters- here’s a possible … Continue reading

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Deep Throating ABCs

Check here every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for updated Sexpert advice!   Question to the Sexpert:   “My partner would like for me to deep throat him.  Occasionally I can for very short periods of time.  However, my gag reflex gets in the way.  I’m very happy to accommodate him (so it’s there’s no mental … Continue reading