Sex with Doctors
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Sex with Doctors

Hey, kittens. It’s #ThrowbackThursday and time for a classic piece. This originally ran in August of 2011. ….That is, talking to doctors about sex… and we’re both doctors… and it’s called Sex with Timaree…. oh, you get it. Strap on your smart kid pants because this is one of the most informative, fact-packed Sex with … Continue reading

Eros Coaching with Martha Lee

Eros Coaching: How Do Sexologists Work?

How do Sexologists work? The PLISSIT Model of Sex Therapy developed by Jack Annon and is the basic format for used by Clinical Sexologists. PLISSIT is an acronym for a model of sex therapy. It stands for permission, limited information, specific suggestions, and intensive therapy. It represents a specific model designed for treatment in sex … Continue reading