Stock Photos, Legal Toplessness, & the Piano Playing Creep

Stock Photos, Legal Toplessness, & the Piano Playing Creep

The secret world of renaissance fairs. Leaked DOJ memo suggests bringing back victim’s sexual history as evidence in campus assault investigations. Finland continues to sterilize trans people. How therapists are failing LGBT millennials.  The evolution of women in stock photos. Sophia Vergara’s douchebag ex might finally have to drop lawsuit over custody of fertilized eggs. … Continue reading

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“Yes, a secret man?”

For updates check this out. Question to the Sexpert: “So what’s the deal with Caster Semenya, the runner who is undergoing gender tests? Why would it possibly take so long to establish if she’s actually a she? Can’t a quick look up the skirt settle this?” The short version: She’s an 18 year old South … Continue reading