Women Drivers, Steam Nudity Ban, & Hefner’s Legacy

Women Drivers, Steam Nudity Ban, & Hefner’s Legacy

Uber faces discrimination case that women drivers aren’t given ample safety protections. How not to respond to finding out the sex of someone’s fetus. “Sex addiction” isn’t really an addiction, but any pleasurable behavior can be engaged in compulsively. Steam bans nudity, naughtiness. Saudi Arabia finally legalizes driving for women. Take Intro to Burlesque Sept … Continue reading


Friday Sex Links!

8 year old Nebraska transgirl living publicly, but not allowed in Catholic school 66 year old divorcee pregnant via IVF Fathers getting involved in sexually active teenager’s lives correlates with more responsibility I know you were waiting for this: the Octomom porno; speaking of porn, this porn star’s bid to set a world oral sex … Continue reading