Katie Hill, Giraffe Sexuality, & Drive-Through Brothels

Katie Hill, Giraffe Sexuality, & Drive-Through Brothels

How many people fantasize about mythical creatures? Katie Hill was brought down by the same forces that enabled Weinstein. Federal judge blocks Alabama’s near total abortion ban.  Liberal feminism has a sex work problem. My day as an abortion care provider. British politicians are fighting over giraffe sexuality. Why are cities building drive-thru brothels? Terrifying … Continue reading

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More Vampire Sex!

Please join me, oh beloved Sex with Timaree readers, for an important, touching, and timely conversation about the ever-popular subject of vampire sex on this week’s edition of The Sex and Intimacy Show. The Denver-based radio show, hosted by the illustrious Elaina McMillan and Dr. Neil Cannon, features talk about sex and relationships, an interview … Continue reading

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I Want to Suck Your…..Blood.

Welcome! Check back Monday-Friday for fresh content! Question to the Sexpert: “My roommate is hooked on the damn Twilight series and won’t shut the fuck up about Edward Cullen. She has a legitimate, full-on crush on this fictional character. She talks constantly about vampires and how much she wants to have sex with one. And … Continue reading