Welcome to My Basement! With Johnny Goodtimes
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Welcome to My Basement! With Johnny Goodtimes

Hey kittens, it’s Throwback Thursday, time for a vintage video that originally ran in November of 2010. Welcome, beloved readers. Take a break from reading and enjoy Part 1 of my interview with Johnny Goodtimes. We discuss how your weight affects who you are attracted to, why crickets have huge balls, the species that has … Continue reading

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Friday Sex Links!

Welcome! Check back Monday-Friday for fresh content! Amazing merger of art, science and pornography. Afghani teens forced into marriage with abusive husbands and in-laws turn to burning themselves to escape. Now that science and reason is starting to overpower ideology, what is the future of the abstinence-only movement? Men with larger foreskins at greater risk … Continue reading


Friday Sex Links

Welcome! Check back Monday, Wednesday and Friday for fresh content! A recent spate of studies on what contributes to a successful marriage; Op-ed on enjoying marriage in light of today’s doom and gloom view of the institution; maybe try the Japanese fad of marriage hunting 400 million year old penis Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest, Bruno, … Continue reading